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The Elmere House Bed and Breakfast was built between 1864-1866 by returning Civil War veteran, Moses Wheelwright, who served in the 27th Maine Infantry Regiment. Moses Wheelwright owned the property until his untimely death on October 11, 1895, when he was reported lost at sea. Moses's descendants go back to the founding fathers of the town of Wells/Ogunquit in 1643. The land where Elmere House now stands was part of the "Wheelwright farm."
27TH elmere-house
A short while after his death, the property changed ownership as Archie and Sadie Fenderson became the new owners. In 1915 they had a daughter, Buleah. Buleah Fenderson married town resident Bob Smith and they eventually became the new owners of the Elmere House following the death of Archie and Sadie.

Buleah Fenderson Smith was a poet who wrote several books of poetry, including "Heartwood" published in 1964, Wake-Brook House (Coral Gables, Fla.) and "Frostfire" published in 1981, Golden Quill Press (Francestown, N.H).
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After Bob's death, Buleah Fenderson Smith continued to live in the Elmere House with her daughter, Susan, where they operated the Elmere Campground, using the large field directly behind the Elmere House as the campground facility which is now closed.   

In 2007 Son Mi and Brian Winters purchased Elmere House and totally renovated it in 2008.  They kept the original hard wood floors and beams that are original to the house. They replaced everything else in the house with modern amenities.  

The present owners, Michael Fowler and William (Bill) Rich purchased Elmere House in 2019.  They have redecorated and refurnished every room while still allowing guests to enjoy a piece of history as they vacation in Maine.  Michael & Bill are very experienced Inn Keepers and have been in the Inn keeping business since 2006.

We would like to thank Hope Shelley, the Wells Town Historian, and The Historical Society of Wells-Ogunquit for their assistance with the historical information provided above.
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Your hosts, Bill and Michael.
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Property owners Bill and Michael

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